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Southern Most Sailing LLC
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 75 reviews
by Mike on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Capt. Brad and Last Call

I'm 59 and my son is 31. We finished our 101 class with Capt. Brad and loved it. We learned a ton. Great balance of bookwork and time on the water. Capt Brad was both patient and effective in his instruction. Staying on his boat for three nights was an added plus. We were also able to snorkel a bit and enjoy the evenings in Key West.
Looking forward to getting experience on the water and make it back to take the 103 and 104 classes in the near future!

by Bart Leonard on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Better than expected

My wife and I took the ASA 101,103,and 104 classes with Captain
Brad in December. It was amazing. The sailing was great, The water was beautiful and Captain Brad was fantastic. I would reccomend Southernmost Sailing School to anyone interested in sailing. We can't wait to go back!!!

by Donnie Beckmann on Southern Most Sailing LLC
3 Day Charter

In November of 2017, I took the ASA 103 and 104 courses with Captain Brad. I had such a good time sailing with him, that when I decided to sail again in November of 2018 he was the only call I made.
On the first day we sailed to Cottrell Key to get some snorkeling in. Brad knew exactly where we needed to be to get in the best snorkeling, we even got to see some dolphins on the way out.
The second day we sailed over to watch one of the powerboat races and ended up watching all three. After the races were over we got back to sailing and threw a couple fishing lines out to see if we could catch supper. We struck out with the fish, but there was a great sunset to watch as we sailed back to the marina.
After having two great days on the water Captain Brad had somehow saved the best for last. We threw the fishing lines back in the water as we sailed to Archer Key. We caught one small fish, threw it back after some thought about it becoming bait, but at least we weren't skunked again. Brad knew exactly where to find the sponges by Archer Key so that we could try to catch some lobsters. He gave me a lot of advice and had all the equipment to catch lobsters, but I wasn't able to catch any. On the way back to the marina we stopped by a shipwreck got in some more snorkeling.
Brad and Sherri are great people, easygoing and fun to talk to. They will do anything they can to make your trip to Key West more enjoyable and always seem happy to help. I'm glad I found their school and will absolutely be using them again.

by D DeLoach on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Fantastic experience!

My wife and I took the 2-day ASA 101 course with Brad, then added an extra day to practice and have some more fun. The training was excellent, and we really enjoyed the extra day with no "exam pressure" and some more interesting, gusty winds that gave us extra learning beyond what we had seen in the course to that point. I highly recommend adding an extra day if you have it in your itinerary.

We also stayed on the boat all 3 nights and had fun with it. Lots of great food in the vicinity, everything walkable so no car needed, and the marina has a nice bathroom/shower setup.

We had very little boat experience but Brad is very patient teacher, as well as just being a great guy! Sherri was also excellent at handling the various trip details and getting us the study materials in time, even starting us a day early to avoid some potential weather issues.

I chose Southernmost Sailing over other Key West options because I got the feeling it was a more intimate experience, not a corporate type of school, and that is definitely the case. Also, I think Key West is a particularly good area for sailing training, with warm mostly shallow water (so no wet suits needed and no huge waves to deal with) and good wind and weather year-round.

Really, you just can't go wrong with choosing Brad as your instructor. Nice boats, nice folks, nice place, nice waters (and nice dogs too)!

by Sheri Wofford on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Amazing Sailing School!

If you are looking for an experienced sailing instructor that Is great in the classroom & on the water, Captain Brad is your guy! We took ASA101 from Capt. Brad and it was an excellent experience. We learned so much in the two days we spent with Capt. Brad that we know we are ready to get back on the water asap to begin practicing all of the skills he taught us. He was definitely a patient and knowledgeable instructor. My husband and I are already talking about taking the next ASA103 course from him in January. That dream of chartering our own sailboat will definitely be a reality thanks to Capt. Brad! We will see you, Cheryl, Sugar and Spice next year, Capt. Brad! Thanks so much!

by Gustavo Murgio on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Wow. Highly recommend.

My son and I did a 2-day intensive first-time sailing instruction ASA 101 with Captain Brad. It was an incredible, memorable experience for us both, from fast-paced hands-on application of the sailing terms we studied to an overnight stay on the boat docked at the historic, bustling seaport in Key West near many restaurants and attractions. We feel very confident that we learned with the course the basics of sailing and safety to keep sailing. We look forward to sailing out again with the Captain to the Dry Tortugas in the near future!

by John on Southern Most Sailing LLC
ASA 104 Completed in July 2018

I had a great time completing the ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising course July 10 to 13. We sailed and motor sailed from Miami to close to Key West Florida. Captain Brad is a great instructor and knows the area very well. With Captain Brad help I was able to improve my chart reading, GPS navigation, anchoring and may other skill. Thanks Capt. Brad and Sherri for a great time.

by Cyndi McCracken/Dan Roberts on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Awesome Experience

My wife and I took ASA101 w/Capt. Brad July 16-17th 2018,what an awesome experience. Capt.Brad an Sherri are a great team they got the course books to us promptly and it took my wife and I a week to read. I was very confused after reading the book and worried I would not pass the written test. My wife was fine with it because she had done some sailing before this so it was like a refresher course for her.At the end of our first day with Capt.Brad I was more relaxed and less confused, he's very patient and detailed oriented in his explanations of everything. Our 2nd and final day went even better both in the classroom(which is the cabin of the sailboat)and on the water. At the end of the day we took our written test and my wife and I passed. Capt.Brad had created a fun and relaxing atmosphere that we both greatly appreciated. I Strongly recommend learning to sail with Southernmost Sailing School, we are already planning our next greatest adventure with Capt.Brad & Sherri

by Robert Roach on Southern Most Sailing LLC
ICW 8-14Apr18

Taken 101 and 103 certification from Capt Brad and wasn't too sure on 104 as I dont own a sailboat or belong to a sailing club. Decided to sail on an extended trip to get a feel of the space, lifestyle, and issues that go along with boating and build on previous experience. Seemed like I took the 104 practical everyday as I was on a schedule, repeating a process, and experiencing different conditions you would not encounter in a certification class. Great experience and looking forward to the 104 certification next year.

by Sean Wells on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Captain Mike and Sailing

My family and I had a great trip with Captain Mike overnight on his vessel. He was courteous, informative,and provided anple necessitities. Will return again!

Mike is a new Captain at Southernmost sailing school in Key West
doing a Great Job teaching sailing in this Beautiful Paradice
make a resevation to sail with Captain Mike by calling the number below
305-407-4141Capt Brad

by Dr. RW Hall on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Review of Southern most Sailing

Great instructor . Great boat for learning. Sleeping on boat was cheep and fun but not recommended for people who need luxury. Marina bathroom was good enough but not hotel quality. Currently parking is a minor hassle. No hurricane damage issues at all. May want to fly to key west and avoid traffic around Miami but is more expensive to land in the keys. Read your book and practice your knots before you get there but if you don’t you probably can pass if you cram . My son and I had a great time and plan to return for more certifications.

by Joe Harmer on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Great Sailboat Training

WOW, experience maters and Capt. Brad has it and more. I just completed my ASA 101 course and thoroughly enjoyed it. The weather didn't cooperate, but Captain Brad was able to adapt our training. The Captain is an excellent teacher as he was patient and understanding. I took advantage of staying on the boat, it saved me as it was high season in Key West, I would highly recommend The Southernmost Sailing School and following my own advice signed up for the ASA 103 course for march. Thanks, Capt. Brad!

by Lynda Hoss on Southern Most Sailing LLC

I Highly recommend this sailing school to any curious and/or adventure seeking individual or couple! The professional and cheerful Cap’t Brad lead me (A slightly dyslexic navigator) expertly through the 101 course with patience and calm instruction even when Mother Nature gave us strong winds and high waves! His 26 ft boat was clean, Swift, nimble, and beautiful to learn sailing on. We spent the night on the boat (great experience!) and saved tons of money by not going to a hotel! The ceiling over the queen sized bed was lower than I’m accustomed to, but having an open window right above you balanced out my claustrophobia. The test at the end of our 2 day instruction was easily aced since we had received a small rope and book to study our knots and vocabulary prior to our arrival. Cap’t Brad spent all the time we needed discussing the terms and sailing concepts using a magnetic board with props to demonstrate maneuvers and rules of sailing.

This was a vacation that ranked up on our bucket list! Thanks Captain... hope to sail with you again soon!

by Bill Sugnet on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Great Class and Great Sail!

I completed my ASA 104 Bareboat certification with Captain Brad! We had a great sail on both days and anchored out overnight. Captain Brad is a knowledgable and patient teacher who has taught me a lot about sailing. I look forward to sailing with him again as I pursue more ASA certifications. I recommend this school to anyone who is interested in learning to sail.

by Rocky on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Top Notch Sailing Training!

Had an amazing time doing the ASA 103 with Capt Brad recently. He was willing to flex when weather didn't cooperate and provided first class training in all aspects. Highly recommended!

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