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by Robert Roach on Southern Most Sailing LLC
ICW 8-14Apr18

Taken 101 and 103 certification from Capt Brad and wasn't too sure on 104 as I dont own a sailboat or belong to a sailing club. Decided to sail on an extended trip to get a feel of the space, lifestyle, and issues that go along with boating and build on previous experience. Seemed like I took the 104 practical everyday as I was on a schedule, repeating a process, and experiencing different conditions you would not encounter in a certification class. Great experience and looking forward to the 104 certification next year.

by Sean Wells on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Captain Mike and Sailing

My family and I had a great trip with Captain Mike overnight on his vessel. He was courteous, informative,and provided anple necessitities. Will return again!

Mike is a new Captain at Southernmost sailing school in Key West
doing a Great Job teaching sailing in this Beautiful Paradice
make a resevation to sail with Captain Mike by calling the number below
305-407-4141Capt Brad

by Dr. RW Hall on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Review of Southern most Sailing

Great instructor . Great boat for learning. Sleeping on boat was cheep and fun but not recommended for people who need luxury. Marina bathroom was good enough but not hotel quality. Currently parking is a minor hassle. No hurricane damage issues at all. May want to fly to key west and avoid traffic around Miami but is more expensive to land in the keys. Read your book and practice your knots before you get there but if you don’t you probably can pass if you cram . My son and I had a great time and plan to return for more certifications.

by Joe Harmer on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Great Sailboat Training

WOW, experience maters and Capt. Brad has it and more. I just completed my ASA 101 course and thoroughly enjoyed it. The weather didn't cooperate, but Captain Brad was able to adapt our training. The Captain is an excellent teacher as he was patient and understanding. I took advantage of staying on the boat, it saved me as it was high season in Key West, I would highly recommend The Southernmost Sailing School and following my own advice signed up for the ASA 103 course for march. Thanks, Capt. Brad!

by Lynda Hoss on Southern Most Sailing LLC

I Highly recommend this sailing school to any curious and/or adventure seeking individual or couple! The professional and cheerful Cap’t Brad lead me (A slightly dyslexic navigator) expertly through the 101 course with patience and calm instruction even when Mother Nature gave us strong winds and high waves! His 26 ft boat was clean, Swift, nimble, and beautiful to learn sailing on. We spent the night on the boat (great experience!) and saved tons of money by not going to a hotel! The ceiling over the queen sized bed was lower than I’m accustomed to, but having an open window right above you balanced out my claustrophobia. The test at the end of our 2 day instruction was easily aced since we had received a small rope and book to study our knots and vocabulary prior to our arrival. Cap’t Brad spent all the time we needed discussing the terms and sailing concepts using a magnetic board with props to demonstrate maneuvers and rules of sailing.This was a vacation that ranked up on our bucket list! Thanks Captain... hope to sail with you again soon!

by Bill Sugnet on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Great Class and Great Sail!

I completed my ASA 104 Bareboat certification with Captain Brad! We had a great sail on both days and anchored out overnight. Captain Brad is a knowledgable and patient teacher who has taught me a lot about sailing. I look forward to sailing with him again as I pursue more ASA certifications. I recommend this school to anyone who is interested in learning to sail.

Top Notch Sailing Training!

Had an amazing time doing the ASA 103 with Capt Brad recently. He was willing to flex when weather didn't cooperate and provided first class training in all aspects. Highly recommended!

by Michael Kasimier on Southern Most Sailing LLC
A great time and a fantastic learning experience

I just completed ASA 101, 103, 104 with Capt Brad. Taking these three courses back to back was like cramming in years of sailing learning and experience into one week. It was great. Capt Brad was a great instructor, both in the classroom and on the water. In the classroom, Capt Brad was thorough with the book info we needed to learn, supplementing his teaching with visual aids and personal lessons learned from his time on the water. He was patient and positive with us, answering any questions we had and taking the time to show us the right way. Classes 103 and 104 were particularly valuable to me, as I own and live on a sailboat; which just so happens to be the exact same sailboat Capt Brad lives and cruises on. We were able to complete 103 and 104 on my boat, which upped the learning curve on my own vessel exponentially. He went above and beyond, passing along knowledge about my boat that would have taken me painstaking years to learn otherwise. He also saved my boat, we were leaving the marina, the engine failed in light winds in the narrow channel with rocky shallows on either side. Capt Brad instantly instructed us through an emergency sail lift, got us on course, and somehow found a safe anchorage on the side of the channel. He and my classmate then proceeded to spend hours working on my engine, all along the way showing me what I needed to know to fix my engine on my own. We finally got it running and resumed our course, only to have the engine quit 5 minutes later, in an even more precarious section of narrow channel. Again Capt Brad was able to get us under sail and navigate to safety. Again he went to work on the it turns out, I had forgotten to turn on the gas switch...but the experience was invaluable! We learned a ton in a short period of time, on top of having so much fun. Our crew of three was a perfect fit for a great trip, and I look forward to putting my new knowledge to use!

Thank you Cpt. Brad for an amazing time and the knowledge you have passed on. It seemed everything that could go wrong did go wrong (unfavorable winds, students leaving the fuel valve shut and hours replacing fuel filters and trouble shooting while the wind was against us only to find it was student error, and several other student errors that caused us problems along the way) but not only were they great learning experiences but you were always upbeat and positive and your attitude carried over to us. Even with the adversities and time lost I somehow passed 101, 103, and 104 with A's thanks to your ability to teach me not teach at me. This is at the top of my list of most memorable and enjoyable things i have done in my 40 years of living. I really did have an amazing time and mad some lifelong amazing friends. Thank you very much it was a blast and I am absolutely looking forward to our sail to Hawaii. God bless you until we set sail together again.

Coolest thing to do!

My girlfriend and I have discussed taking sailing lessons for years now and only on our most recent trip to Key West October 26-31st 2017 did we finally commit to the idea. We were at first concerned about the recent hurricane damage but to our surprise Key West was great, all businesses were open and most important the Southernmost Sailing School. We had no issues doing all the fun things we like to do and not to mention the weather was beautiful. Capt. Brad was the right Capt for us. Neither myself or GF had much of any sailing experience. We enjoyed the quality instruction and his years of experience were great to have aboard on our 2 day journey. Thanks Capt Brad for making our trip to Key West the most memorable. Sincerely, your two Keelboat students from Missouri. P.S. - stop thinking about taking sailing lessons, just do it!

by Donald Cocchi on Southern Most Sailing LLC

Cant. Brad is Highly competent ! Had a great time and earned my ASA 101 !

by rett and stacy zuberi on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Sailing 101

My wife and I took a basic sailing course from Capt Brad. He is a true teacher and a perfect host, Picked us up at the airport, we stayed on the boat for 3 nights and learned to sail from the best. We are going there again at the end of May to continue our sailing journey. Best place and best teacher to learn from.

by Debbie Greenberg on Southern Most Sailing LLC
ASA 101 course!

My husband, 12 year old daughter, and I just returned from a 2 day sailing course with Captain Brad over spring break. What a great experience we had sailing with Brad during the day and staying on the boat over night! Brad recommended some great dinner restaurants and arranged bicycle rentals to be delivered to the marina. He is incredibly patient and thorough in his on and off water instruction, and we feel very confident with our sailing abilities learned in just a few days. I would highly recommend doing a 3rd charter day after the course - it's a great chance to practice your sailing in a laid back environment while sneaking in some snorkeling and fishing. We really can't say enough about Captain Brad's hospitality and teaching!

by Maureen Smith on Southern Most Sailing LLC
The Best

Taking sailing 101 with Captain Brad at Southernmost Sailing School was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I did not actually expect to learn as much as I did or to come away with the confidence I now have in my ability to sail.He is a great teacher and his calm demeanor will help quell any anxiety you may have. I can't wait to come back for the next level course.

by Joe Hazelbaker on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Excellent Experience

My wife and I took ASA 101 over the Christmas holiday in 2016. Captain Brad was very accommodating and flexible with our schedule and our previous experience. We came with little confidence and left feeling certain we could now sail our own vessel back home. There are extra touches you get when sailing with Southernmost, such as their knowledge of where to take you to sail with dolphins and their flash cards. It felt like we learned to sail and we had a vacation at the same time. I would highly recommend Southernmost and look forward to taking 103 in the Spring.

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