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We have converted our 30’ Catalina Obsession to electric propulsion and what an awesome experience this has been. So quite, just like sailing. No sound, no smoke, no oil to check, no fuel to buy, no fuel filter to clean, no sea strainer to clean, no alternator belt to adjust or replace, just the quiet hum of the brushless electric motor pushing the boat at the same speed. This is the future of sailing! It is so efficient and environmentally safe.

This gives our students a first hand look at what’s coming and prepares them for this new alternative to fossil fuels.The diesel engine I replaced was a 25 hp universal still running good after 32 yrs in this Catalina. That says a lot for that motor. It did it’s job many times over and will continue to in its new home.

So now, I have a little joy stick for a throttle and when you push down and then forward the boat starts to move forward and it’s totally silent. There is a read out next to the joy stick that tells you how many KWs your using and what the total amount of power is remaining. I chose to go with AGM batteries due to the very high cost of Lithium at this time and the are working great so far.

Docking the boat is so much easier for some reason I’m not sure of but it seems much easier to control at lower speeds. It has reverse as well and the prop walk and prop wash are the same but more sensitive to control. I can’t wait to show you my new all Electric Sail Boat while you’re here learning to sail. This will make you a better sailor for sure due to the fact that you only have so much run time and you must use it wisely. My system is from Electric Yacht. They have a web sight. Their product is very good and there service is the best. I bugged them a lot during my install and they were there every step of the way.

Thanks Mike and Scott!

Once you experience this system you’re going to get one. No muss, no fuss, just silent power.

Let me know if you have a question.

Thanks for reading this Happy Sailing!

Captain Brad

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Come along as I Sail North to Maine Spring 2018

In April of this next year I plan to sail up the east coast to Maine this trip will take a minimum of 8 weeks On my 33 Morgan Out Island Phoenix, the wife will not be joining me on this first leg of the trip, I need 2 crew members to go along so I am looking for...

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After Hurricane Irma Sailing

We have had 4 classes since the hurricane including a trip out to the Dry Tortugas for 103 and 104. After coming back at the end of October from our 2600 mile trip up the east coast over 5 months, it was so nice to see this Beautiful water and sea life that is so...

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A Crew of Three

Jim and Jennifer from New Mexico and Jauquin from Key West took 101 together and it was fun to watch them as they became quite a good crew over the 2 days of sailing.  I hope to have the same 3 for Coastal Cruising 103 soon. CONGRADULATIONS to you all!

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Greg from Texas gets 1st Place

Greg came down from Texas as if he were competing in a rodeo on the water.  This 30 something guy has 20 years of sailing behind him and was looking for the  credentials to prove he is doing it right!  Well he is, I put him through the whole bare boat program in 4...

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Fun In The Sun

Marie and Kevin drove all the way from Mississippi to take 101, we had nice conditions and plenty of sun. They both scored high and have already bought a boat.  CONGRADULATIONS to you both and I will see you back for that 4 day trip to the dry Tortugas. GREAT JOB!!!!...

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They got more than They paid for!

Remember Sergio? He was here and took 101 and 103 with his friend Giatano.  He came back to take 104 and brought 2 more friends to take 101, Vivian from Brussels and Julie, a French Canadian.  They took 101 on "Last Call" and then we were off on a 3 day adventure on...

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