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Southern Most Sailing LLC
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 99 reviews
by Wendy Hunter on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Absolute Rookie

My husband and I just finished 101 with Captain Brad - to be honest I was only coming along as support and company for Ian (husband). Ian was the one one with a passion for learning to sail. However, after just a few hours at sea with Captain Brad I was confident and hooked! Ian and I both thoroughly enjoyed Brad’s teaching and company. He has a way of making you feel at ease - you are constantly learning throughout the 2 days, sometimes without even knowing it! Sherri made the organization of the trip and easy experience. If you want professional, safe, fun, informative sailing lessons - this is your sailing school!

by Jess on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Best Sailing School Ever!

I went from knowing literally zero about sailing to feeling comfortable at the helm of a sailboat in just 3 days. Captain Brad’s encouraging demeanor and adventurous spirit converge to create an inspiring learning atmosphere. I always felt my safety was his first priority, and that it was going to be ok if I made mistakes. I would highly recommend Southernmost Sailing School.

by AnnaKathryn-Carpenter on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Just do it!!!!

My friends and I came to Key West for ASA101 and 103. Due to uncooperative weather in the beginning of the trip, we were only able to complete ASA101. Captain Brad went out of his way to make our time worth the trip. The class was awesome. Very informative, Captain Brad was so patient to answer each question until we all understood exactly what he was saying, and we had a spare day to sail and snorkel. What a wonderful, wonderful experience. We will be back for more classes.

by Shelly on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Fantastic experience!

We completed the ASA101 course last week. Captain Brad is awesome. He knows his stuff, has a great sense of humor, as well as a LOT of patience. He put me (an absolute beginner) at ease with the boat and, now, the word “jibe” no longer triggers a rising sense of panic. I am looking forward to returning and taking 103 with him. If you want to learn to sail, and maybe see a dolphin, or two, sign up with Southernmost Sailing School.

by Lee Collins on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Training at the highest level!

In the last four years I've taken no less than four (4) courses from Captain Brad @ Southernmost Sailing in Key West and the Sunset Marina on Stock Island.
I can say without hesitation these course have been far beyond my expectations each and every time, and providing the best most sought after training to become the sailor you want to be. The level of training is challenging as you would naturally want and expect it to be; but it is also fun and lively, with something new just around the bend each and every day!
Sailing in the waters around Key West and the Florida Keys is one of the most beautiful sailing experiences in the world, with natural features unique only to this part of the world; visually stunning!
Captain Brads equipment (both boats) are fun to sail and well maintained. They will provide you a seamless transition from entry level sailing to the advanced ASA course offered in the syllabus.
I will be returning often to the school for follow on training, and wholeheartedly recommend Southernmost Sailing in Key West!

by Jay Muscatello on Southern Most Sailing LLC
ASA Training

I've sailed with Captain Brad 3 times, and I learn something new each time. Last winter I got the basics with ASA101 as well as an awesome day of snorkeling Cottrell Key. This year, I spent a few hours out in 'Last Call' sharpening my skills and then on to ASA104 to Boca Grande, and am now bareboat certified. Brad is knowledgeable and entertaining, patient with slow learners like me, and a hell of a good cook. I highly recommend this school.

by Karen Paulk on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Simply the Best

My son and I took the ASA101 with Captain Brad and we are so glad we did. I’m 59 and my son is 29. We had no previous sailing experience but now we’re hooked. First Mate Sherri made a point of providing our ASA 101 books and a section of line (to practice knot tying) prior to the class. Captain Brad is very adept at gauging your knowledge level and adjusting his teaching so that you get the most out of your time. He does a fantastic job of explaining the concepts, reinforcing the terminology and then letting you put these into practice. The 26’ Hunter ‘Last Call’ is the perfect sailboat to learn on and the location can’t be beat. We will definitely be back to take his ASA103/104 course because we can’t imagine a more effective and fun instructor!

by Joe on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Valuable instruction

Excellent experience! Brad clearly understands the value of his clients time. If you already know something he moves right on to more advanced lessons while if you are struggling with something he spends adequate time teaching it. Good instructors are worth the cost.

by Kahle and Cook on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Awesome Time, Great Teacher!

ASA 101,103, and 104 with Captain Brad- what a time!!! Not only did we gain the ability to sail confidently, we also had a blast doing it. S/V Last Call is a great boat to learn to sail on and the area couldn’t be more picturesque. I highly recommend Captain Brad; he is a patient and thorough teacher and an all around cool guy! We would love to come back and sail with him again.

by Paula & Darrin on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Fun Times Sailing in The Keys

My husband and I took 101, 103, and 104 sailing classes with Capt. Brad and first mate Sherry. My husband had sailed years ago, and while I had been on sailboats, I had never officially sailed. They not only made the sailing fun, but went out of their way to pick us up every morning, and drop us off back at The Perry hotel (which we loved and highly recommend). Brad's laid back approach was perfect, yet he didn't miss a thing on instruction and pertinent points in learning. We plan on going back to sail around The Keys on the 26' Hunter "Last Call", and surrounding area to perfect all of what Brad taught us. Definitely recommend Southern Most Sailing School for fun while getting not only excellent instruction, but also amazing hospitality with Brad and Sherry.

by Jim Condes on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Great sailing instruction

My wife and I took 101, 103 and 104 with Captain Brad. We both had sailed before, but it was a long time ago. Captain Brad started each morning with lessons from the book after which we would go sailing and practice what we had talked about in the morning. His teaching was methodical and his instructions easy to understand. He also gave us a very thorough understanding of navigating around Key West and around the Keys. We enjoy our sailing skills a lot and will definitely use Southern Most Sailing school for any other sailing courses we want to take in the future.

by Mark M on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Great Refresher!

I have 101, 103 and 104 certification but had not been sailing for 4 years. So, when a trip to the Keys was coming up and great sailing weather, it was time for a refresher course. Brad offered the ASA refresher course. We had a great day on the water with a fun boat. Brad was the best instructor we’ve had with the ability to explain techniques in a straightforward manner. And rather than just say “that’s just the way you do it”, as past instructors have, he gave great explanations as to the why. I learned a lot and will certainly look for another lesson with Brad the next time I’m in the Keys.

by Craig Perkins on Southern Most Sailing LLC
good ASA 104 class

My wife and I took our 104 class recently with Captain Brad and can definitely recommend his sailing school. His teaching is low key but effective, and we both passed the 104 exam without trouble. One thing that we particularly liked was how Captain Brad tailored the lessons to our previous experiences as well as what we were looking for in a 104 class. We enjoyed his numerous sailing anecdotes, all of which were instructive in some way or another. Finally, we were impressed with his humanity: after our class was over and we were on our way back to the marina, we passed a small sloop at anchor that had onboard two large dogs who appeared to be alone and in trouble. Captain Brad did not hesitate to swing the Phoenix around and check on the dogs. After ascertaining that the dogs were indeed abandoned without food or water, we stayed on site until authorities and neighboring sailors rescued the dogs. I'm not sure how many other captains would have acted on the slim chance that the dogs were really in trouble, but they were and we firmly believe that two beautiful dogs are alive today because of Captain Brad. Thanks again Captain Brad and First Mate Sherri for a memorable ASA 104 experience!

by Melissa R on Southern Most Sailing LLC
Fantastic experience

Captain Brad is knowledgeable, patient and fun, everything you want in an instructor. Took the ASA 101 course, and his instruction was great, excellent direction without being overwhelming. His 26’ sloop was perfect for sailing and maneuvering around Key West. He also prepared us very well for the exam. I highly recommend Captain Brad for all your sailing instruction.

by Mandy Friend on Southern Most Sailing LLC
I'm so glad I let my husband talk me into it!

I had the time of my life going through ASA 101 aka "sailing boot camp" with Captain Brad! My husband originally booked the lessons alone because he just knew there was no way I would agree to do it with him, but, alas, I agreed to go and he booked it for the both of us. It was the best decision ever! I had had ZERO experience with sailing having grown up only on motorboats. Let me tell you, there is just something about cruising the ocean in a sailboat that a motorboat can NEVER give you. I am hooked! We are planning for ASA 103 soon! There is much to learn when learning to sail, but THANK YOU, Captain Brad, for making learning it so much fun! And I have to put on the record that, in fact, I got a better score than my husband on our final exam!! LOL!

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