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Southern Most Sailing LLC
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 150 reviews
 by John

Captain Brad was an amazing teacher!. I took the ASA103 and 104 certification class. Captain Brad is a great sailor and highly recommended. Key West was a great place to learn how to sail because it comes with its challenges, but definitely worth it. Highly recommended if you are truly looking to learn how to sail with a fun, calm, amazing teacher in a beautiful place, Key West!

 by Sara
ASA 101,102,103&104

Sailing with Captain Brad was a real pleasure. We had plenty of one on one time aboard the sailboat and were able to go through so many different sailing scenarios. We were well prepared for our book exams as well as our on the water practicals. Would highly recommend Southernmost Sailing School for your ASA certification courses.

 by Jason Vasconez
Start Sailing!

Sailing with Captain Brad was beyond expectations and a totally immersive experience! My brother and I have been talking about sailing for years. We are so happy we found Captain Brad to start our journey. He was fun, entertaining, and experienced. Capt. Brad is an exceptional teacher! We learned how to sail safely and with skill. He simplified sailing, made new concepts understandable, and we sailed A LOT! We did a whole week 101/103/104, slept on the boat, and our overnight was to Boca Grande! We are hooked! My brother and I already have plans to return with our families and begin more adventures!

 by Kimberly
First Time Sailing

Captain Brad's ASA 101 course in Key West was the ideal introduction to sailing. His calm professionalism and meticulous instruction fostered a safe and productive learning environment. He expertly balanced theory with practical application, ensuring we grasped each concept before tackling the next. His patience with first-timers like myself was commendable, and his clear explanations demystified even complex maneuvers. If you're a serious beginner seeking a thorough foundation in sailing, Captain Brad's course delivers. Highly recommended!

 by Sean
Sailing with Capt. Brad

It was a pleasure sailing with Captain Brad. I was taking the ASA103 certification class and Captain Brad is such an experienced sailor and teacher that it was a joy to learn the art from him. Of course, Key West is the unique backdrop providing all the fun after sailing. Definitely recommended if you’re looking for a ASA class or just some fun sailing in Key West

 by Cody
ASA 101

Capt Brad at Southernmost was very knowledgeable and was able to accommodate the varying degrees of sailing experience in our group. We spent alot of time on helm and working the sheets. Will be back soon for future classes.

 by Jayne

I was a complete beginner when it came to sailing. I did not know the first thing, I knew I really enjoyed sailing and being on the water. I decided to book a class and see if I could learn to sail. What an experience! One of the most fun and enjoyable things I have ever done. Right from the start, Capt. Brad and his first mate Sheri, were so accommodating and easy to work with. Obviously blessed with a good sense of humor and patience. I was picked up at the airport. The boat was much nicer than any sailboat I had been on before, electric motor, si it was very quiet, air conditioned and very comfortable. The school operates out of Sunset marina which made it easy. Since they book doubles, my sailing partner was a guy Ed. It wasn't easy, but instruction and study materials were all provided. Very comprehensive, I would definitely recommend Southernmost Sailing. During periods between instruction, Capt. Brad took us snorkling, played the guitar and sang, fed us, it was great!

 by Lee
Fantastic experience!!

My adult son and I took the 101/103/104 classes back to back last week and we had a truly incredible experience. My son had much more experience than me but Captain Brad kept us both learning to sail safely and reinvigorated our passion for floating on the sea.

Great teacher, great cook great storyteller, great guy. If you even think you might want to take the ASA courses you shoul do it in the Warm waters of the Floida Keys with Capt Brad

 by Michelle Croissier & Ulrich Reichard
ASA 101

My husband and I took ASA 101, had a wonderful experience, and learned so much. Captain Brad is a thoughtful instructor, a true man of the sea, we learned both theory and application. By the end of the 2nd day, we felt much more competent and ready for ASA 103 and 104 in November with Southernmost Sailing. Loved it.

 by Ed Courlang
Great time on the seas

I took the ASA 101 course with Captain Brad. I was a complete novice and had only skimmed the book before arriving in Key West. Nonetheless Captain Brad made me feel comfortable. He's a great instructor with an easy manner, but was stern when necessary. He made sure that we learned to sail the right way, whether it was tying knots or the man over board drill. I came away with a great appreciation for the joy of sailing when done the safe and right way. Thanks Southernmost Sailing School and Captain Brad.

 by Max
ASA 101

Captain Brad was a fantastic host and teacher. He went above and beyond during our time and even gave us some "bonus content" that was beyond the scope of ASA 101! I highly recommend Southernmost Sailing School!

 by Anne Wells
Wonderful experience!

After about a year of sailing with my experienced partner, this class solidified my knowledge and cleared up sever things that never quite clicked. Captain Brad was a great instructor! It was fantastic to see how nice and quiet the electric engine was. On a light wind day, it was great not to disturb the afternoon with a noisy gas engine. It was fascinating to hear about his experience with the change over to electric and all its advantages. Thanks, captain Brad!

 by Marla
Incredible Learning Experience

I had the privilege of taking the ASA 103 course with Captain Brad. It was phenomenal! Captain Brad is an excellent instructor. He is very patient as well and at the same time quite laid back and very easy to talk to. No question is a dumb question. He also has a gift for teaching this art, as I will call it. Sailing is all very new to me and he is definitely the kind of instructor a newbie like me needs. One awesome bonus is that the sailboat used for the class has an electric engine— so no noise and no smelly fuel. We had the most perfect weather and three fantastic days of sailing on the most beautiful water. I can’t wait to go back!!

 by Megan Milam
Amazing Sailing!

My friend and I took our 103 class with Brad after completing our 101 on a lake with little wind. It was a big step up for us, but Capt Brad was patient and kept calm while instructing and answering all our questions! We really enjoyed learning with him and got a lot more comfortable on the water. Sailing is hard work, but also a lot of fun!

 by Francisco
Learn to Sail in Paradise

My wife and I had the pleasure of taking the ASA 103 course with Captain Brad. We both came out of the experience having gained the knowledge, skills, and confidence to continue our sailing journey. Captain Brad is a great teacher and a savvy sailor. He provides clear instruction with ample patience and a dash of good humor. He embodies the way sailing should be: precise and fun.
During our two-days course, we also got to experience some of the treasures that Key West can offer: We were able to snorkel and explore a century-old shipwreck and sail alongside a group of eight very curious bottlenose dolphins.
If you are looking to learn something new or hone your existing skills - Look no further!

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